What is a HoodieThe “Hoodie” or Hooded Sweatshirt was initially manufactured in the United States in the 1930's by Champion and had a targeted market of labor workers who typically spent a great deal of time in the cold elements. Most hoodies are made of thick cotton, polyester or a blend of the two and have one large pocket in the front that you can put both hands with a hood on the top. Some have zippers, but aren't as common as the traditional pull-over hoodies.

What is a Hoodie RockyAlthough hoodies gained their popularity in large part because those with criminal intent liked the hood that provided facial concealment, it became a popular fashion statement adopted by the Hip Hop culture in the 1970's. It gained great exposure as a result of its use in the academy award winning movie “Rocky”.

In the 1990's hoodies began to be seen in the skateboard and surfer crowds which quickly spread the trend across the United States. High School, College and Professional Athletic Organization quickly took advantage of the trend by adding their sport logo to hoodies via screen print or embroidery and sold them for a profit.

Today it is almost impossible to enter any sporting or clothing store without seeing hoodies for sale in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether hoodies are viewed as a symbol of rebellion or a trendy addition to ones wardrobe, they have become tremendously popular and are here to stay.